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Who are we?

We are a digital store directed to entrepreneurs or people who want to discover new values or fresh products out of commercial industry and contribute to the "indie" movement.

About Us

How does it work?

Very simple. You only need to register and enjoy our digital store. It works like any online store except that you can buy, sell or both. You can upload your products or purchase whatever you want. Users and products have a rating that shows the acceptance of the community. Products, in order to be approved and go to the store, must go through the greenlight system, which is designed to prevent scam or malicious products by giving a comment to them.

Terms of Use

What do we have?

Everything digital! The only restriction is that products must be digital. We offer wide range of products. including music, software, visual art and even movies. Also, we encourage a more direct contact between creators and consumers. Moreover, the community decides the success of creative works. From the creator's point of view it allows them to observe the evolution of their products.

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