About Digitalify

How it started?

The Digitalify project was born from the idea of Miguel Abellán, who observed certain need on the market, more specifically, on the field of the sale of 3D models. There are some 3D models that are being distributed through software magazines, included in a CD/DVD.
It's a very common practice include a disc among the software magazines, but being forced to use that medium to distribute digital products is counter-productive. Some time later, the same lack of a free (as in freedom) digital market was observed on other fields as well, furthermore, publishing content in the existing markets is a difficult process. Digitalify is born to cover that necessity and unify the different digital markets.
Digitalify was shown as a college final project in Lugo(Galicia) with the collaboration of Ruben Seijas, who became interested on the idea. Finally these two developers decided to launch the project for real.

What is it about?

Digitalify is an e-commerce platform based on digital products. Unlike other platforms Digitalify is focused on the little artists and makes the things easy to anyone who wants to publish a product.

To Whom is it addressed?

Digitalify was created and designed mainly for the artists and entrepreneurs who want to become known or are out of the traditional commercial circuit. Likewise, it is also addressed to anyone who likes to discover things that are new, fresh, different or independent of the traditional industry

How it works?

Everyone is free to explore Digitalify at no cost. It will be mandatory to register in order to purchase, sale or use the products, contents and services available.

How do you register?

It's very easy to register in Digitalify, you only need to fill up properly our Register Form and accept our Legal Terms and our Terms of Use.

Who can register on the site?

Anyone can be registered on Digitalify. Remember you must declare that you are an adult or have the permission of your father, mother or legal guardian.